Stable setting of welding current with Advance High Precision Constant Current Control. With wide range of welding condition setting by using digital control for high quality welding.

Fully Digitized With Excellence Functions

  • Easy to see digital panel with JOG dial for multi-function setting
  • Individual setting for Preflow and Post (after) flow time
  • Individual setting for Up Slope and Down Slope Time
  • Individual setting for peak(pulse) current and base current
  • Optional Setting for Pulse Width
  • Pulse frequency without stepless adjustment

Function For Welding Defect Prevention
To prevent welding defect occurred during welding beginning stage, pre-flow function, initial current function,up slope is added.
To prevent welding defect at the end stage, down slope, creator current function and post (after) flow function is also provided.

Easy Setting By Using Joy Dial
With LED display, setting condition can be easier and faster by using JOG dial or Up-Down switch

Able to save 5 type of welding pattern
Enable to save up to 5 different type of high quality welding pattern condition with built-in memory circuit. Every welding parameters can be recalled easily and faster by using only one touch.

Rated Input Voltage (V) 220/240
Phase Single
Input Rating (kVA) 8.7
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Duty Cycle (%) 25
Max. No-Load Voltage (V) 62/67
DC Output: TIG (A) 5 – 200 (DC) / 10 – 200 (AC)
Current: STICK (A) 5 – 160 (DC) / 10 – 60 (AC)
DC Output: TIG (V) 18 at 200A
Voltage: STICK (V) 26 at 160A
Initial Crater Current (A) 5 – 200
Crater Control Function STD / SLOPE / REPEAT / SPOT
Up Slope Time (Sec) 0 – 15
Down Slope Time (Sec) 0 – 25
Gas Pre Flow Time (Sec) 0.0 – 1.0
Gas Post Flow Time (Sec) 0.0 – 60.0
Pulse Frequency (Hz) 0.5 – 500
Spot Timer (Sec) 0.5 – 5.0
Memory 5 Channel
Outside Dimention (W x H x D) mm 80 x 360 x 420
Total Weight (Kg) 17