Product Speciality
  • Light and simple for easy handling.
  • Variable torch position and double torch holder applicable to reach blind zone.
  • Multi position for different welding process (vertical and horizontal).
  • Optional weaving handle for optimum welding result.
  • Optional track and caster available for vertical and horizontal welding.

Model HCD500-1
Net Weight 6.8Kg
Power Input 19~100V
Rated Voltage of Weaving Motor
Driving Mode 4 Wheels-Chain-Drive Motor
Power 10W
Traction Power 10~30Kg
Traveling Speed 150~800 (mm-min)
Weaving Speed
Weaving Angle
Shifting Distance Setting
Tracking Mode
Height of Guide Wheel
Adjustable Range of Welding Torch 40mm for↑/↓ 40mm for←/→
Adjustable Angle of Welding Torch 0~90 for Initial Adjustment 0~16 for Light Adjustment
Unreacheble Beam Length
Auto Stop Function
Dimention ( L x W x H )